Friday, February 10, 2012

Family History & New Technology Walk Hand In Hand

I am very happy to report that my personal experience from the RootsTech2012 conference was one of unabashed excitement about all the upcoming technology changes and updates. I believe in my heart that when all the new software updates are released, and I am able to implement several other new features, that it will bring my family history to a whole new level! There will be new Gedcom file programs, a new world of Cloud Storage, which is still in it's infancy. Mobile applications to enable us to take our family trees with us; plus there are many free genealogy podcasts available to watch, and as of January 2012, if we insert important keywords in our blogposts, our blogs will be searchable for others. I for one plan to take full advantage of as many of the podcasts as time will permit. My hat goes off to everyone who worked behind the scenes to put this annual conference together, and who were gracious enough to freely stream many of the presentations.