Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be My Valentine?

Today is Valentine's Day. Was love in the air for you, or did it leave you gasping for breath while you read through an old love letter or two that was discovered in your grandmother's personal belongings? I have yet to discover such a precious item as that; but back in those days, as tough as the times were for some couples, they still found time for good old fashioned romance. Words like spooning, courting, beaus, and chastity come to mind. Love letters were written, and emotions and hearts were pure and true. There was a love song that used to play on the radio called "Sealed with a Kiss". When a young girl or woman wrote a love note to her beau, she would literally seal it with a kiss. She would put on her favorite color of lipstick, and gently press the page to her lips. Some would even lightly spritz a bit of her perfume on it as well. The idea of romance is a lost artform, that is fading faster than time itself. Today's generation could definitely use a course or two on the subject; if one was given. I am making a solemn promise to myself, beginning tonight, I intend to re-discover the lost art of writing love letters.