Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What Is A Mom?

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, 4/16. Today's blogpost is written in her memory. She died in Sept. 2005, from cancer. Many mixed feelings come to mind when I think of her. Books, poems, and songs put mother's high up on a pedestal. Oftentimes, writer's tend to forget that mom's are just humans, complete with all the flaws that come with being a member of the mere mortal race. They are all given the same set of tools and roadmap of life that the rest of us have had, let's face it, raising children can be dauntless at times!
Yes, my mother indeed had her moments, as we all do. I even ask myself sometimes, would I have done it any differently being in her exact pair of shoes? That is a question that will go on without a definite answer. Growing up, we tell ourselves that when we become adults, that we will do everything different from our parents; because don't forget, in our eyes, they did it all wrong. We tell ourselves that we will NEVER be like them! But as we grow into that scary time of life known as adulthood, and parenthood, we suddenly hear ourselves speaking in terms that were drilled into our heads by our parents! Oh my God, did I say that?? Yes, when all the dust has settled, and we take that long look in the mirror, we realize that fate has stepped in, and we HAVE BECOME OUR PARENTS!! But, would we have it any other way??? I leave it to you to decide....