Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our Future Family Historians

What will you leave behind after the sands of time have run out of your hourglass? Will there be mysteries to be solved, or secrets to uncover? Will you perhaps leave a few tantalizing crumbs in a hand-written journal? Have you taken the time as you grow older, to consider if you even have a child or grandchild who will remotely show interest in uncovering what your life was about? Even for the current generation of younger people in my family, it will be an extremely tough decision to make; as to whom is deserving enough and responsible enough to carry the torch of our family history! As genealogists, we take great pride in our research, (those of us who are serious), and like a set of fine family jewels; we consider it a legacy to pass on.
I myself have begun writing 2 separate life journals. One to my son, and one specifically about my life. I have been testing some younger members of my family for responsibility levels, and commitment. Thus far, they have not proven to be reliable. I am hoping that one day before it is too late, they will step up to the plate. Otherwise, I will be making a different decision, regarding all family history research. When and if they do, they will receive a wealth that has no monetary value. It's value goes beyond that of any paper or coins!
As we live our lives, and go through the mundane daily chores and appointments that take up much of our time; it is easy to get caught up in that daily routine. It is very hard to take out even a few peaceful minutes of solitude to have for our very own! Those of us who enjoy the creativity of writing, will keep a notebook handy to jot down a passing thought, or a simple message. There are no rules to writing a journal. Keeping dates help to remember when we wrote each entry. It also helps the reader later on, to determine when at any given point in time, we experienced each thought. Have some fun with it. You never know who might come to read it in decades to come!