Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In Search of My Guerins

Today's post is about my re-newed search for my paternal family, my Guerins. Now that I have very successfully completed my first family history book for part of my maternal family side; I am on a new quest to further persue my dad's family. His picture is seen here at the top of this page, and his name is Armand Rene` Guerin. My younger brother is proudly named after our dad in memory of him. My dad was part of the first generation of my Guerins to be born in the United States; as his father immigrated here from France in the very early 1900's. No, he did not pass through Ellis Island, like so many others did. Instead, he arrived through Quebec, Canada along with hundreds of other french citizens. My pipe`s (pronounced pip-ay), which is french for grandpa, name was Andre` Cyrille Guerin; and he made the journey here alone, at the age of 21, leaving his family behind in his hometown of Chauffour et` Treschy, near Paris. Thanks to the wonders of Google Earth, I was able to pinpoint the exact location of his hometown, and even take a small tour of it at street level!
My next hope is to locate Andre` and his family in France, and track their movements to identify his siblings. I have both of Andre`s parents names from his Social Security card application. They are Narcisse (Nelson) Guerin and Matilda Fueilleret. Hopefully, this will not be a big stumbling block or brick wall; since foreign countries document their citizens quite different than what we do in the USA. Wish me luck as I am sure that I will need it!