Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Name Game

It has been said many times throughout history, that we are all related, or connected to each other. What started out as a simple search for my family tree has grown by leaps and bounds to become a forest of trees with infinite branches and twigs and leaves! It is therefore, quite easy for the family historian to get led astray from their main purpose, to follow another lead, another clue, which will in turn lead to more names! We must fight hard to avoid those temptations. Afterall, we will not live forever! Time is limited and must be spent wisely! That being said, I will present the following partial list of family names, both paternal and maternal that I am researching.
Guerin, Bulriss(Bulnes, Burliss, Boulerice), Fueilleret, Manor(Maner, Manard, Menard), Burnum, (Burnham, Bunum, Bonnette`, Burnam, Bonin), Bodah(Beaudin), Nelson, Cootware(Courtois, Coutware), Blow(Bleau), Monbleau, Cinjeux(Coryea, Carriere), Forest(Forrest), Wheeler, Lagrenade, Dalcour(Dalcourt), Bushey, Pigeon, Richardson, Boody, Barnes, Wiggett, Thompson, Downing, Hebert, Lavoie(DeLavoie), Tremblay(Tremble), Landry, LaRoche, Lafetier, Dupuy(Dupuis), Demers, Duval, Phaneuf, Farnsworth.
I wish you all happy hunting with your family names and all their variations!!

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