Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Next Generation of Guerins

When I look at this picture of my cute, adorable 3 year old nephew, Caleb Robert Guerin, I can't help but ask the question; "Is the world going to be ready for him, when his time comes?". Each succeeding generation seems to think that they have all the answers, and the one before it has screwed things up. Our Guerin Blood runs strong in our veins, and brings with it many positive attributes, like an appreciation for hard work and a job well done. We Guerin's also have a very intense stubborness or tenacity that prevent us from even considering the very idea of giving up. Instead, we persevere, even while struggling, until we prosper to a positive outcome! Though we, as the older generation have a responsibility to share our knowledge with the young ones; I am looking forward to the freshness of new ideas or new takes on old ideas that our Little Man Caleb will bring to the table of life. We should never be so set in our ways, that we can't have an open mind to learn something from the next generation to come after us! Young Caleb will never have the opportunity to meet his Pipe` Guerin, but I will make sure that he learns all about him.

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  1. AWWWWW!! I love this! I am calebs father Armand Guerin JR and he is sitting on my lap looking at this picture, and I told him who pipi was, and he is now saying pipi :) Thank you sis, awesome outstandng job :) ***** 5 stars