Friday, August 30, 2013

How To Build The "Perfect Grandfather"

1. First you start with a new fresh canvass, and make sure he was provided with wonderful parents who gave him a deep love of family. He needs to come from a wholesome family environment, that taught him an appreciation for respect, and the importance of a great sense of humor. There is nothing like the bonding of a family that can laugh together.

2. Next, you include a piece of childhood adventure that teaches him how life will throw him many curves, and he needs to be ready to roll with them.

3. The next 2 ingredients are to have a strong talent and passion for woodworking that will be shared with family,

and, he should also be country enough to thoroughly enjoy being a wrestling fan. This includes taking his future wife out to a live wrestling event on their first date!

4. He will need to have a good work ethic and enjoy his chosen career, so that he finds friendship and camaraderie.

5. Next, he needs to be ready to share his life, love, loyalty and laughter with a family who will do likewise. There will be memories and memories to create and build upon.

6. When you have successfully put all these pieces together, you will come very close to having a perfect grandfather; however, when this grandfather was created, they broke the mold. This grandfather was definitely like no other, and his family's love for him is and always will be as big as the sky!


  1. This blog post was a 50-50 joint project between my 2nd Cousin, Karin M. and myself. She did an amazing job and made a huge contribution, by choosing the subject, some memories, and some pics! I tip my hat to you, Karin! Well done!!