Sunday, January 22, 2012

We Are Family.....

One  thing I have discovered in my adventures into my past, is the frequency of what I like to call "Inter-familial Marriage." Back before there were laws to prevent these types of marriages from occurring, it happened on a fairly regular basis. First and second cousins marrying each other, and in some cases, an uncle would marry his neice! Historically, the upper crust of society, those having royal or blue blood as they referred to it, would practice that idea of a family member marrying another family member with the thought in mind of "keeping the bloodlines pure". Later, history would prove that it was not such a good idea, as bad genes were created, and diseases were introduced to the line. so, I have asked myself, what were they thinking, when I found evidence of that practice occurring within a few of my family lines! It reminded me of the perverbial red-neck joke, "I would like you to meet my wife and sister", and there is only 1 woman standing there. It's no wonder, that our family is literally riddled with several hereditary diseases that have been passed down through the generations.How about an instance where a brother and sister choose to live together as husband and wife, and even produce children from their relationship?Could they have been considering a possible approach to the Mormon lifestyle? What if your siblings or children were to do that? How would you feel?

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  1. It is really amazing to discover such valuable information. I definitely support keeping the family line pure. You are doing an exceptionally good job, dear sister, I am very proud of all your accompolishments :) Armand R. Guerin JR