Friday, January 27, 2012

Where Did You Grow Up?

Where did you hang your hat as a child? I chose today's post to be about this famous picture of the log cabin that my Burnum grandparents lived in for a few years with all their children you see lined up. This is an edited image naming everyone from left to right. As per the date at the top of the image, this picture was taken in August of 1940. Amazingly enough, this very same log cabin is still standing today, and is located on West Shore Drive, Grand Isle, Vermont. It has also been labeled as the 4th oldest log cabin structure for Vermont's Historical Society. I have also been informed by a cousin that a descendant of the original family who built it is currently residing in it part time; using it as a studio. He had heard about this picture being taken, and asked my family's permission to screen print this image onto t-shirts to sell to tourists. I hope to own one of these shirts someday. My challenge to you today is to pick a family photo from your album, and write a story about it. In years to come, you will be immensely glad that you did!

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  1. I love this picture!! Thank you dear sister, Armand